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Lisa C.
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All you do is save. You're saving money, You're saving energy, You're saving the world. So Why would you do it
Paul M
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We knew there were times I was going to have power outages from hurricanes I wanted to be prepared.
Kerrie K.
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Solar Panels gives me ressurance that my eletric bills will stay manageable
Haley C.
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Not that we're with Solarika Energy we have so much more opportunity to do all the things we want to do with our family during the summer
Michelle P.
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It is, very much, Security. Peace of Mind feeling that with Solarika energy, you don't have to worry

Leaders in the Solar Energy

Solarika is an African entity that prides itself as a professional turnkey energy company that offers a broad range of smart energy solutions for the commercial & industrial sectors in Uganda.

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Taabu Courts Plaza,

Kisingiri Road,