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You will find yourself working in a true partnership that results in an incredible experience, and an end product that is the best.
At Solarika Energy, we design, develop detailed blueprints, plans, and schedules for construction and other tasks. We also ensure that your project will meet technical, safety, and regulatory standards by involving various engineering disciplines such as civil, mechanical, electrical, and structural engineering in your project.
we obtain the necessary materials, equipment, and services required for your project. Solarika Energy identify qualified suppliers, purchase, and ensure timely delivery of quality materials and equipment as per the client demands. Effective procurement is crucial to maintaining the project schedule and budget.
We set up and test all systems and components to ensure they operate correctly and efficiently. We do the installing of equipment, wiring, and systems, as well as performing tests and adjustments to achieve optimal performance. Our commissioning verifies that the project meets all specifications and is ready for operation.
We also secure the necessary funds to support your project from inception to completion. By this, we obtain investments, or other financial instruments. Our effective financing ensures that your project has the capital needed to proceed without delays. This also involves financial planning, risk management, and ensuring that the project remains within budget.
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