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Solarika Energy Brightening Africa’s Future Through Solar Power.

Solarika Energy is a Ugandan renewable energy Engineering, Procurement, and Construction company with a specialized interest in off-grid/on-grid energy solutions. Solarika Energy partners with several international and local producers of renewable energy solutions components as an EPC company.
Solarika Energy Ltd is a company committed to providing reliable, quality, innovative solar solutions. We provide solutions for all sectors and applications, including residential, commercial, industrial, community, agriculture, education, health, and hospitality. 

Our solutions are cost-effective and affordable for every household, community, and organization due to our optimized designs and flexible payment systems that are designed to increase accessibility to solar energy solutions. Solarika Energy is determined to power remote commercial buildings, industries, schools, health facilities, farming, as well as villages to improve the livelihood of rural communities.



Vision & Mission

Solarika Energy vision is to create a sustainable future for Africa through the widespread adoption of renewable energy solutions. We believe that clean, renewable energy is the key to a brighter, more sustainable future for our communities and our planet.  

Our mission is to provide reliable, affordable, and accessible renewable energy solutions to homes, businesses, and communities across Africa. We strive to be the leading provider of renewable energy solutions in the country, and to help our clients reduce their carbon footprint, save on energy costs, and build a more sustainable future for all.

Solar Benefits

Get Future Ready

From powering electric vehicles to working from home, our future is electric.

Say No To Blackouts

Power outages are increasing nationwide. With battery backup, you can stay plugged in.

Save More

Tell utility price hikes to take a hike. Lock in a simple, predictable rate that serves your needs.

Preserve Our Home

Take the source of life, use it to power your own, and see your world flourish.

Boost Your Home Value

A future-ready home can be more appealing, to more buyers.

Control Your Energy

Most of us can’t choose which utility provider to use. Take power back by generating your own.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Dani T.
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All you do is save. You're saving money, You're saving energy, You're saving the world. So Why would you do it
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We knew there were times I was going to have power outages from different situations I wanted to be prepared.
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Solar is reliable and environment friendly power source. Its application for off-grid and remote place is indispensable.
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It is, very much, Security. Peace of Mind feeling that with Solarika energy, you don't have to worry

Leaders in the Solar Energy

Solarika is an African entity that prides itself as a professional turnkey energy company that offers a broad range of smart energy solutions for the commercial & industrial sectors in Uganda.

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